作為一個有著民謠歌手身份背景的畫家林小南, 音樂與繪畫在生命中是密不可分的 “音樂是有聲的繪畫, 繪畫是無聲的音樂” 她引述前輩的話這麼說.

To the painter Lin Xiaonan, with her background as an acclaimed folk singer, music and painting are inseparable from life itself. She often cites the words of those who’ve come before her, "Music is painting brought to life in sound, while painting is making music without sound."

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本名: 林明樺
Name: Lin Ming-Hua
生日: 1967年10月23日
Birthday: October 23, 1967 
Place of birth: Kaohsiung
學歷:實踐大學應用美術系畢 (原實踐專校)
Education: Department of Applied Arts, Shih 
Chien University (former Shih Chien College)
專長:油畫創作 歌唱 詞曲創作 和聲編寫
Specialty: Oil painting/ Singing/ Music
composition/ Harmony composition

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